Laid off or planning to quit,
and worried about keeping afloat?

Create your own salary - and empower yourself to be comfortable, confident & secure!

There's a long night ahead, and the eleventh cup of coffee is all that's keeping you company. You needed the money yesterday, but you've managed to negotiate with fate and you now have until Monday to rake in some cash or wind up on the streets. Maybe the situation isn’t so dire. Maybe you only risk losing your electricity, or finding yourself in an embarrassing situation on a special occasion. What does emerge with repetitive certainty is that, yet again, there will be no time with family or friends this weekend.

I've been there. I might be there again, but if I am, I'll know how to deal with it, and avoid being a very grumpy person over the weekend, and also avoid being depressed on Monday.

What about you?

The wonderful internet provides a zillion opportunities and a thousand methods for making money. From quick emergency cash to a substantial sustained income, and everywhere in between. I would know - I've tried more than a few and have made some of them click for me (but many more have failed). But - contrary to what some people would have you believe - any method takes time and effort before it pays off. And most of these methods have a success rate that's less than optimal, meaning that some of your projects could fail. That's neither alarming nor unnatural - it is just the way of business, even life. But what when you are in a situation where you are short on time and your risk-tolerance is at an all-time-low?

Once you have a business empire up and running, that situation is usually not a problem.

But if you don't, then uhh, let's just say your options for pulling out cash from thin air are... limited.

Very few business models allow you to get going instantly, and dump money in your bank account within a couple of days of getting started. Even worse, most strategies involve a non-trivial investment even before you can start! So when spending and waiting are not options, what can you possibly do? What most of us do have on our hands, and a reasonable amount of control over, is our time. Investing your time on a job is as certain an income stream as it gets. You don't even need any special skills - apart from the willingness to put in an honest day's work - to begin with. You will soon accumulate skills that increase your hourly worth and you steadily earn more for the same amount of time that you invest.


Freelancing is an extremely popular business model. The screenshot on the left is the statistics from just one freelance marketplace. Beyond the dozens of similar places with similar statistics, thousands of dollars change hands every day at less conventional job exchanges.

If freelancing sounds too much like the full-time job that you have and detest, or if it reminds you of a job that you kicked out of your life - think again. As a freelancer...

  • you get to keep your own times and have a flexible schedule.
  • There's no commute.
  • There's the option of working in your pyjamas, or less if you prefer.
  • And if you learn some nifty tricks, you can eventually set your freelancing business on near-autopilot, and turn it into a passive income stream.

You could use freelancing as the bridge between active and passive income (that you propose to make with other business models). Freelancing is a low-risk activity and is the perfect transition from your job into the murky realms of a business that depends on the market, on Google, or on other people. It lets you keep afloat while you experiment away to glory.

Or you can make a tidy bit of money when it hits you that you needed it yesterday. I've seen expert marketers offer their services (usually in terms of consulting, coaching, copy) when they happen to land themselves in a tight situation. The reason is simple: it just works. Once you know how to make it work!

3 Freelancing Myths

A lot of people think they aren't ready for their freelancing careers or that freelancing isn't for them because...

Freelancing is dominated by the "third-world market" and we don't stand a chance: Over 50% of freelancers are North American and are accustomed to a high standard of living. Browse the freelance marketplace directories and you'll find plenty of people from societies with a higher standard of living doing very well for themselves.

I don't have the skills... You don't need any specialized or technical skills! There are always routine tasks that folks are looking to strike off their to-do lists with a bit of outside help, and you could easily step in at this point.

There's too much competition. If there wasn't, then it'd be a sign that this isn't so lucrative after all! There is a healthy amount of competition, and there is, at the same time, room for everyone. Again, the numbers speak - you can find out for yourself how many amateurs with little or no experience are finding jobs and making a successful go of things by any standard.

The Comfortable Freelancer

When I started, a good six years ago, I didn't buy myself a guide to freelancing. I managed to find my feet, by experimenting, googling, fooling around, and making a considerable investment on migraine pills. But it was a long couple of years before I could make this tick like clockwork!

You really don't want to fill the next few months of your life with long nights and increased hair loss. You don't have to! You are going to skip the learning curve, and take the mystery out of the equation. The methods I have compiled will get you started as soon as right away, will have you earning a comfortable income in a matter of weeks. Once you get the hang of it, you will also be able to turn this into a passive income stream through organized outsourcing. This has been done by experts for years who outsource large chunks of their business. Prepare for some solid and real-world strategies!

Dollars on Demand

Dollars on Demand is a no-holds-barred insider look into the world of freelancing, unusually enough, from the point of view of both the freelancer and the outsourcer.

Getting Started

Four skills you can leverage in the freelancing market, these sell really well and there's always room for new folks. Skills that require no special expertise are featured, alongside those that do, with a bonus report containing free resources with which you can sharpen the advanced skills if you wish to!

Finding Clients

All the secret haunts where clients hang out and are actively seeking you out! And we go well beyond the slew of XYZ-lance freelance marketplaces - although those are covered too, because I like to leave no stone unturned!

The Winning Proposal

A quick, sound guide on how to write a proposal that not only catches attention, but makes clients out of mere prospects.

The Pricetag

How do you price yourself? It's one of the most confusing questions that you face as a freelancer. Learn the fundamental principles that help you determine how to price any given project!

The Job: During and After

How to deal with a job once you got it at hand, and what to do once it's done! Also learn how to deal with jobs that get tricky, or difficult clients. Learn how one client can turn into many, and into a source of recurring income too!

The Next Level: Outsourcing

If you want to turn your freelancing career into a passive income stream, then you need to know how you can settle down comfortably and outsource your gigs. But this is a slippery slope and can leave you back at square one or worse if you don't get it right! Learn what to do and what to avoid when you enter the other side of the fence and start outsourcing yourself!


What's a great product without killer bonuses?

Satisfying all your curiosity about the hot, hot, offline market for finding clients is offline marketing expert Sean Sheehan. And the creator of Happy Outsourcing and a few hundred other successful infoproducts, an outsourcing addict and a crazy creative marketer, Rachel Rofe from Earn1KADay shares her outsourcing and freelancing secrets. One of my long-time clients, Jason Ohrum, who is now the creator of Outsourcing Autopilot, spills many of his tactics as well. Any of these interviews alone is worth more than the small investment that you are making for Dollars on Demand! Over 90 minutes of brilliant audio content, these three interviews are all yours for free when you get Dollars on Demand today - whew - and what's more, I got transcripts bundled right in as well!

But the party doesn't stop there, you know? Here's more stashed into your goodie bag:

Swipe files of my winning proposals - from over the years and across three job types, you get the exact proposals I used to win my jobs!

A FREE one-hour LIVE webinar answering all your questions and concerns, recorded and made available only to readers of Dollars on Demand!

Quick-start audio - a half an hour session with me that lays out the whole course in brief, highlighting the crucial points. Follow this with the mindmaps bundled into the report and you could be up and running in the same hour that you grabbed the book! But do remember to come back and read it so you can explode your business going forward!

Whatever are you waiting for?

The entire Dollar on Demand suite of products is all yours for an investment of $17. I believe it's negligible in comparison to the returns that the guide will help you get, not to mention the insane bonuses. However, it is up to you take action, beginning with grabbing this offer while it is still open, and ending with implementing the ideas in the report.


This is not a write-it-and-forget-it product. If you need help, I'm an email away. You get access to my personal email and my skype ID. There will be a private skype mastermind with folks who often watch out for finding people who can help with their business - so you'll have a definite networking head-start!


Oh well, I cheated. There is no post script - evidently, I have nothing more to say :) However, if you are still unconvinced, I encourage you to check out a sample chapter by clicking here. On the other hand, if you need a gentle nudge to get the full deal, then click here to get Dollars on Demand right now!